May 11, 2023

Nuclear Generation Capacity Worldwide

In 2022, worldwide generation capacity reached 392 GW (US -24%, France – 16%, China – 14%) and is expected to continue to show steady annual growth through 2030.

Incorrys forecasts worldwide nuclear market capacity will increase 21% from 392 GW in 2022 to 477 GW in 2030..

At least 50% of all increases in worldwide nuclear capacities will come from China. China has 24 GW of capacity under construction, with expected grid connections between 2022 and 2028, and a further 44 GW are planned. Incorrys expects China to reach almost 100 GW by 2030; 20% of global capacities.

Annual Investment in the Nuclear Industry Worldwide

Annual investments in nuclear power will grow each year and reach USD $108 billion in 2030 – 2 times higher than the USD $49 billion in 2022.

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