North American Power Generation to 2030

June 14, 2021

North American power generation to 2030 by fuel type.

Coal-fired power generation continues to lose market share through retirements with natural gas and renewables (wind and solar) meeting this lost coal-fired generation and future demand growth.

North American Power Demand by Region

June 16 , 2021

Regional power demand forecasts for North America to 2030, by fuel type.

The US Southeast accounts for a quarter of the total demand while natural gas accounts accounts for the majority of the total fuel mix throughout the forecast period.

North American Power Generation for Electric Vehicles

June 18, 2021

North American power generation requirements for electric vehicles (EV’s), to 2030, reflects the rapid growth in the number of electric vehicles produced.

The growth in EV’s is driven by reductions in battery pack and switching costs and increase in driving range distances. Incorrys expects EV’s will reach cost parity with gasoline cars around 2025.

 Canadian Power Generation


Canadian Power Generation to 2030

November 26, 2020

Canada’s power generation forecast through 2030, by fuel source.

Hydroelectric generates the most power but is expected to remain flat while growth in natural gas and renewables more than offset declines in coal and nuclear.

Canadian Power Demand by Province

November 26, 2020

Canadian provincial electrical power generation forecast, by fuel source, to 2030.

Provinces generally rely on their local resource capabilities when it comes to fuel choice.