Will Coastal GasLink Natural Gas Pipeline be Expanded?

February 22, 2024

Coastal GasLink (CGL) is a natural gas pipeline project in Canada transporting natural gas from the Montney gas play in northeastern British Columbia to the LNG Canada export facility near Kitimat on the coast of British Columbia. The CGL provides natural gas feedstock to LNG Canada’s liquefied natural gas export terminal, with capacity adequate for two phases of development, consisting of two 900 MMcf/d liquefaction trains in each phase.

With the cost to build CGL more than doubling from an initial estimate of Cdn$6.6 billion, Incorrys provides a forecast of CGL pipeline tolls at various cost and throughput levels using our proprietary pipeline tolling model.

Tanker Fleet to Redirect Russian Oil from Europe to Asia

October 7, 2022

Chart shows the total number of oil tankers globally, by ship type, with almost 900 Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC), 700 Aframax tankers and 600 Suezmax ships. Additional charts showing the number of ships in the Russian Sovcomflot fleet and additional tankers that will be required if sanctioned oil needs to be redirected from Europe to Asia (primarily India and China).

As part of the sanctions against Russia, the EU bans insurance and reinsurance of ships caring Russian oil and the EU insurers have until the end of this year to implement the ban. Denying shipping insurance is considered to be one of the most efficient means to exert pressure on the Russian oil industry.

Shipping Russian Oil

October 7, 2022

Map showing the shipping routes for Russian oil and the location of the 64 Russian oil export terminals. Russia exports crude oil from four main regions: the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Pacific Coast and the Arctic.

Shortly after European oil sanctions take effect by the end 2022, Russia would have to redirect marine traffic away from Europe to Asia, primarily.

African Gas Supply to Europe

April 8, 2022

Shows the transportation routes of African natural gas to Europe via existing and proposed pipelines from Algeria to Spain and Italy. Additional chart showing total Algerian natural gas exports to Europe between 2010 and 2020 in Bcf/d.

Incorrys estimates that although Africa can only provide modest increases in gas exports to Europe  in 2022-2023, African gas supply can grow in the next 3-5 years.

 Canadian Natural Gas Pipelines

Western Canada Natural Gas Pipelines

June 28, 2023

Shows the natural gas pipeline systems in western Canada, including main export points and the new Coastal GasLink currently under construction to feed LNG Canada’s export facility.

As producers have migrated activity to the low cost Montney play, NGTL has enhanced capacity along the Western leg upstream of James River (USJR). As a result, the basin has become less geographically diversified with the majority of production now on West portion.

 Canadian Oil Pipelines

Canada Can Supply More Oil to Global Markets in Medium Term

April 19, 2022

Shows the Energy East Pipeline including pipe length, diameter, booked value, and tolls for moving oil through a portion converted from natural gas to oil. Additional chart shows the amount of revenue calculated using the Brent oil price (US$/Bbl) and assuming a throughput of 1.1 MMBbl/d.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, the rest of the world has begun to scramble for Btus in every form – Crude, Natural Gas, Renewable sources. The environmental file is quickly heading to the backburner as countries realize the economic and geopolitical imperative to energy security and the importance of strong allies with control of energy.

Western Canada Oil Pipeline Capacity and Flows

April 14, 2022

Forecast to 2030 of total Western Canada oil supply, pipeline capacity, Alberta refinery demand, and potential pipeline expansions.

Recently, oil production in excess of demand and pipeline capacity is transported to market by rail cars.