Biogas Power Generation Capacity 2010-2022

September 19, 2023

Total worldwide biogas power generation capacity (GW) from 2010 to 2022.

Global power generation capacity from biogas has grown over 2.5 times since 2010 from under 10 GW to almost 25 GW in 2022, up 3.4 GW (about 16%) compared to 2021.

Biogas Power Generation 2010-2022

September 19, 2023

Total biogas power generation (TWh) worldwide from 2010-2022. Additional chart showing 2022 market share by largest country.

Biogas fueled power generation has more than doubled worldwide since 2010 increasing from 210 TWh to almost 450 TWh in 2022. However, it has seen limited growth since 2020, slowed by the impact of the Covid pandemic, increasing just 10% over the past couple of years.

Biogas Power Capacity Forecast 2022-2030

September 26, 2023

Total worldwide biogas power generation capacity forecast (2022-2030) in GW.

Incorrys is forecasting biogas use in power generation to grow at an annual rate of 5% through 2030 from 25 GW to over 35 GW with a focus on the purer biomethane or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Leading countries in biogas power generation are Europe and China.

Biogas Power Generation 2022-2030

September 26, 2023

Global biogas power generation forecast from 2022-2030 in TWh.

Incorrys expects that biogas power generation will grow year-over-year at an average annual rate of about 5% from 450 TWh in 2022 to more than 1000 TWh in 2030. Most of this growth comes from centralized plants that are fed by agricultural and municipal solid waste sources to meet local power and heating demand.