About Incorrys

What are the future energy prices? How much oil and gas will be produced? How much CO2 will be emitted? What are the government policies towards energy? How many electric car will hit the roads in next ten years? Incorrys will help you answer this and many other questions about future energy and environment.

Incorrys is a data provider, analytics, and forecasting company in the areas of Global Energy Markets, Disruptive Technology, and Environmental Management. Incorrys main product is the Incorrys Information System (IIS), which provides subscribers with comprehensive numerical data that helps them to make informed decisions. The focus of Incorrys Information System is to contextualize, forecast and clarify the future uncertainty within these industries.

Incorrys obtains its historical data from multiple public sources, such as government reports and publication, security disclosures and investor reports. The main focus of Incorrys analysis is long-term outlooks and data forecasting. Incorrys has developed proprietary forecasting technologies, based on operational research and management science. Incorrys forecasting models are underpinned by a resource or abatement curve analysis, as well as risk and behavioral analysis.

Incorrys was founded in 2020 by respected engineers, mathematicians, economists, and computer scientists. Our team members come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds, including oil and gas, engineering and construction, IT infrastructure and software development, electronic design and manufacturing, mining and material sciences

Management Team


Cameron Gingrich, Manager – Markets and Strategy

Cameron has 20 years of natural gas, oil, and NGL experience in research, analysis, and authoring complex market studies. He is responsible for analytics and in-depth customized data analysis, development, and price modeling for Incorrys Information System. In addition to undertaking numerous energy consulting assignments for a range of clients, Cameron has acted as an expert witness.



Dr. Lev Virine, P. Eng., Ph.D.,  Manager – Data Analysis.

Lev has over 2 decades of technical experience, economic evaluation of oil and gas reserves, decision and risk analysis, portfolio management, and oil and gas reserves management. He assisted leading national and international exploration and production companies in establishing reserves evaluation and decision analysis processes. Dr. Virine is the author of more than 40 scientific papers and articles, 7 patents, and 3 books. His current focus is gas production outlooks, gas supply decline analysis, and full-cycle cost assessment. He has spoken at conferences and symposiums around the world.


Glen Hensbergen – Associate, Data Management & Quality

Glen has over 35 years of energy industry experience in the utility, power development and consulting sectors. Primarily focused on energy market analysis, including the inter-relationships with competing energy products while considering global energy market influences. He is responsible for maintaining the Incorrys Information System (IIS), data management, quality control, and social media strategy.