December 2022
Russian Oil Sanctions Explained
In 2021, the oil industry in Russia represented 15% GDP, 40% of exports and 45% of federal budget. Currently there is no full world-wide embargo of Russian oil although the US and UK stopped buying Russian oil early this year. EU implemented a ban on marine transportation services related to Russian crude oil delivered by tankers starting December 5, 2022. A similar ban on Russian petroleum products is expected to start on February 5, 2023. The topic paper describes how sanctions on Russian oil is expected to affect global oil markets.
April 2022
Replacement of Russian Energy Imports

In April 2022, the EU paid an average USD 1B per day for Russian Energy sources. The EU is planning gradual steps to reduce and eventually eliminate its reliance on crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and coal from Russia. In addition to the EU actions, other countries (including the UK, US, and Canada) are planning to or have already  stopped receiving Russian energy.

February 2022
Canadian Natural Gas Exports to 2030

Western Canada natural gas has been in oversupply during the past 5 years, as producers have been able to increase production seemingly at will. Although producer spending has been neutered due to COVID pandemic uncertainty, Incorrys believes the importance of access to both domestic and export markets for Western Canada producers looking to maintain or grow production is paramount. This analysis will review and forecast Canadian Exports to 2030, by export point.

December 2021
Electric Vehicles: Industry Analysis and Forecast

The report include analysis of electric vehicle market and forecast to 2030:

  • Electric vehicle stock, sales, and market share: history and forecast to 2030
  • Pricing of electric vehicles’ batteries
  • Analysis of Electric vehicle price vs. range, efficiency, and charging time
November 2021
Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Markets

The report provides Incorrys detailed review of Worldwide LNG
– Overview of current LNG export and imports worldwide
– Forecast of US and Canadian flows to 2030
– Review of major LNG projects

October, 2021
Hydrogen in North America

The report provides Incorrys detailed review of Hydrogen production and transportation in North America
– Overview of renewable gas pricing
– Review of cost for different technologies: electrolyzing and steam methane reforming
– Hydrogen transportation options and costs
– Potential export cost of Hydrogen Ammonia (NH3) and Methylcyclohexane

September 2021
North American GHG emissions

The report provides Incorrys detailed review of North American Emissions:
– overview of US and Canada emissions in relation to world
– forecast US and Canadian emissions for the oil, natural gas, and electric generation sectors

August 2021
North American Oil and Gas Full Cycle Cost

The report includes analysis of full cycle cost for different oil and gas basins in North America:

– overview of full cycle cost components: finding and development cost, basis differentials, operating cost, royalties and taxes, overhead, and cost of capital
– full cycle cost of US Tight Oil and Conventional Oil basins
– full cycle cost of major natural gas basins

July 2021
North American Oil and Gas Price Forecast to 2030

The report provides natural gas and crude oil price forecast:

  • Henry Hub Natural Gas Influences
  • North American Gas Demand to 2030
  • North American Gas Production to 2030
  • Worldwide LNG Impacting Henry Hub
  • WTI Oil Price and WCS Basis
June 2019
Impact of Carbon Tax on Canadian Natural Gas

The report provides Incorrys detailed review of the Impact of Carbon Tax on Canadian Natural Gas.
It includes review overall targets for Canadian emission reductions by sector and then focus on impacts to reaching targets to the natural gas sector:

  • Canada’s GHG emission targets
  • Canadian carbon tax overview and large emitters
  • Canada’s provincial carbon schemes
  • Canada carbon price impact on natural gas
  • Methane emissions from oil and gas sector
May 2021
North American Natural Gas Demand to 2030

The report provides Incorrys detailed forecast to 2030 of demand for North American natural gas by sector:

  • Core (Residential and Commercial)
  • Overall Power Forecast by Sector and by Gas-Fired Power
  • Industrial (including Oil Sands and Pipeline)
  • LNG Exports.
April 2021
US Natural Gas Production to 2040

The report provides detailed gas production outlook for the major gas supply basins in the US and an overall roll-up for North American dry-gas production:

  • Total North American natural gas forecast to 2040
  • Detailed analysis of major US basin: Marcellus, Utica, Haynesville – production forecast, rig count, connections, initial productivity
  • Other gas producing areas: Rockies, Mid Continent, US Gulf Coast
March, 2021
US Oil and Associated Gas Production to 2040

In 2020 US crude oil production dropped 8.6% from previous year due to lower oil prices and reduced demand. This report includes current trends and forecast of US Crude Oil and Associated gas production to 2040:

  • Crude oil and associated gas production for major Tight Oil basins: Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford, DJ Niobrara
  • US Offshore oil production outlook
  • Alaska oil production
  • Crude oil and associated gas production to 2040
January 2021
Canadian Natural Gas Demand

With continued development of natural gas resources, the premium for seasonal security has been reduced to near nil. The ability to bring on new production growth is now limited to ability to expand demand sources. This analysis will review and forecast to 2030 demand for Canadian natural gas by sector:

  • Core (Residential and Commercial)
  • Gas-Fired Power
  • Industrial (including Oil Sands and Pipeline)
  • LNG Exports.