November 26, 2020

Total Canadian power generation is expected to reach 680 Twh in 2030 up from 625 Twh in 2020. Gas and renewable power generation is expected to grow, while hydroelectric power generation will remain flat at around 400 Twh during to forecast period. Coal and nuclear power generation will decline. Coal power generation will reach 10 Twh in 2030 down from over 50 Twh in 2020.

Power Generation Drivers

Canada has an abundance of power generated from hydroelectric (60%) when compared to the US (10%) and Mexico (20%).

Provinces generally rely on their local resource capabilities:

  • Hydroelectric in BC, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Ontario (to some degree).
  • Natural Gas in Alberta/Saskatchewan.
  • Nuclear in Ontario

Ontario plan to refurbish 8,000 MW of nuclear capacity at the Bruce and Darlington sites during 2016–2032 time period.
Pickering site will remain in service until 2024, after which 3,000 MW will be taken out of service.