August 2, 2021

Barnett full-cycle costs at Henry Hub range from a low of 2.80 USD/Mcf for wells with an Initial Productivity (IP) greater than 12 MMcf/d to a high of 13.10 USD/Mcf for wells with an IP of under 2 MMcf/d. To help offset some of the full-cycle costs, there is liquids uplift providing 1.30-1.10 USD/Mcf in revenue at IP’s greater than 12 to under 2 MMcf/d.

Operating costs range from 1.04-1.24 USD/Mcf  while royalties & taxes and overhead represent about 0.82 USD/Mcf. F&D costs range from 0.47-6.53 USD/MMcf and the 15% producer return ranges from 0.31-4.31 USD/MMcf. The Henry Hub differential is 0.20 Mcf/d.