January 11, 2024

The US is expected to reach ~ 12.0 Bcf/d of exports in 2023, up 17% from 2022.

Incorrys is forecasting US exports to increase further to 13.5 Bcf/d in 2024 and 25 Bcf/d by 2028.

The US accounts for almost 90% of the 2030 total.

Sabine Pass is by far the largest facility in North America at 4.0 Bcf/d in 2022 increasing to 6.5 Bcf/d by 2026.

Corpus Christi, TX is the 2nd largest facility growing from 1.8 Bcf/d in 2023 to 3.1 Bcf/d by 2027.

Plaquemines, LA grows from 1.3 Bcf/d in 2024 to 2.6Bcf/d by 2024.

These 3 facilities are expected to represent about 45% total North American capacity.

LNG Export Facilities Map


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