November 2, 2021

Chart by Visualizer

World total liquefication capacity before 2021 was 452.6 MTPA (58.8 Bcf/d). By 2026, liquefication capacity is expected to increase by about 139 MTPA (18.1 Bcf/d) to reach a total capacity of over 592 MT (76.9 Bcf/d).

Around 20 MTPA (2.6 Bcf/d) in liquefaction capacity was brought onstream in 2020, all in the United States. In 2020, start-up of several liquefaction projects in Russia, Indonesia, the United States and Malaysia were delayed as a result of the pandemic.

In 2025, 25 countries will become exporters of LNG* including four new countries: Mauritania, Mozambique, Canada, and Mexico.

Qatar Petroleum has made the final investment decision for the North Field East (NFE) – the world’s largest LNG Project – with capacity of 32 MTPA (4.2 Bcf/d). Qatar will become the largest LNG exporter followed by the US and Australia.

Yemen is not included since the facility is not operational.