Janury 11, 2024

Global LNG liquefaction capacity stood at 476 mtpa (62 Bcf/d) by 2022. In July 2023, projects totaling 207 mtpa(27 Bcf/d) are being developed globally. By 2028, global capacity is expected to reach over 680 mtpa, equivalent to 89 Bcf/d. In 2028, 24 countries are expected to be exporting LNG including four new countries: Mauritania, Mexico, Canada, and Congo. Canada will become a top 10 LNG exporter by 2028 with the addition and expected expansion of LNG Canada. By 2028, the US is expected to double current capacity reaching almost 180 mtpa (~24 Bcf/d) of liquefaction capacity. In 2028 the US will be the largest exporter, significantly ahead of 2nd place Qatar and Australia.