March 12, 2023

Average Range per Charge

Range is one of the critical parameters of electric vehicle in the race to achieve parity with gasoline engines. Electric car manufacturers are trying to achieve greater range by increasing battery capacity, while improving other parameters of the battery and overall vehicle.

The average range per charge has increased from 240 km/charge in 2020 production models to over 400 km in 2023 models – an increase of 70%.

Incorrys expects the average range to reach 500 km in 2025 which would make electric vehicles comparable to gasoline engine vehicles. Combined with an increased number of charging stations would lead to a greater acceptance of electrical vehicles.

Retail Price vs Range per Charge

The scatter chart shows the data for almost 300 models of electric vehicles comparing the retail price to range added per single charge for production years of 2020-2023. As you would expect, as the price of the vehicle increases so does the distance it can travel on a single charge.

The top five 2023 models, that can achieve distances over 600 km, include the Lucid Air Grand Touring and four Mercedes EQS models (450, 450+, 500, 580). The price of these specific vehicles range from USD $115,000 – $185,000. The 2023 models with the lowest range includes the Dacia Spring Electric 65 Extreme  (160 km), the Abarth 500e Scorpionissima (225 km), and the Sono Sion (260 km).