August 1, 2023

There are currently about 75 nacelle* assembly facilities currently under construction or in the planning stage – 55 (75%) of which are offshore and 20 onshore.

China accounts for 85% of the total with 65 – almost 50 offshore and 15 onshore.

*Nacelle is the wind turbine housing located on top of the tower that contains all the generating components (gearbox, drivetrain, generator, and brakes).

Onshore Nacelle Assembly Plants

Offshore Nacelle Assembly Plants

The global wind generation supply chain is unbalanced. Since wind generation began in Europe, they controlled most of the supply chain in the earlier years. However, China has since become the leader in all aspects of the entire wind supply chain:

  • China is the world’s leader in both onshore and offshore nacelle production facilities. Of the Total onshore and offshore, China accounts for 65% and 70% respectively. Looking at those under construction or announced, China represents for 90% and 85% respectively.
  • China also holds a 70% market share in the production of key components like gearboxes, generators, castings, forgings, slewing bearings, towers and flanges).

With China now being the main global supplier of the major components, Incorrys expects that post 2026, both Europe and the US could face supply chain issues due to the lack of domestic production for onshore and offshore components.


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