June 2, 2021

Permian Associated Gas Production

Permian raw associated gas production forecast to 2040 (located in west Texas and eastern New Mexico). Even though the Permian is predominately a Tight Oil basin, it has become a major US gas producing area due to significant associated gas production. Production has increased rapidly from 1.1 Bcf/d in 2010 to 9.0 Bcf/d in 2020. It is forecast to continue to grow to its peak of 12.5 Bcf/d in 2028-2029. It declines thereafter to 8.3 Bcf/d by 2040.

Permian Associated Gas Initial Productivity (IP)

The Initial Productivity increased 10-fold from 0.2 MMcf/d in 2010 to 2.0 MMcf/d by 2020. It is forecast to begin a gradual decline from 2021 onward to 0.8 MMcf/d in 2040.

Permian Associated Gas EUR

The Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) for Permian associated gas has increased from 0.2 Bcf/well to 2.1 Bcf/well in 2020.