June 29, 2021

Marcellus (NE) dry gas production comes from Northeast Pennsylvania. Marcellus (NE) new well initial productivity is one of the highest in US and expected to reach over 21 MMcf/d. Production is expected to reach its peak of over 12 Bcf/d around 2025-27 after which it will gradually decline. The average first year decline in 2020 was 71%.

Marcellus NE Raw Gas Well Initial Productivity

The average new well initial productivity in 2020 was 20.4 MMcf/d.

Marcellus NE Well Count

Approximately 5700 wells have been drilled since 2006.

Marcellus NE Raw Gas EUR

The Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) has increased from about 4 Bcf/well in 2010 to over 23 Bcf/well by 2022.