August 18, 2021

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This chart shows Incorrys WCS price forecast to 2030 (actual monthly prices are shown with the blue line). The actual price in 2020 of 26.80 USD/Bbl is down 60% compared to the 65.30 USD/Bbl from 2010. The forecast increases from 48.30 USD/Bbl in 2022 to 54.65 USD/Bbl in 2030.

Uncertainty in 2020 commodity markets saw WCS pricing fall largely due Covid’s impact.

WCS Basis Differential Forecast

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WCS Basis Drivers

Recovering Oilsands production is offset by Enbridge flows which are expected to increase in Q4 2021 as Line 3 comes into service.

TransMountain Expansion completion in December 2022 diverts rail and Enbridge Midwest directed flows toward valuable West Coast/Asian markets.

With incremental new pipe completed in 2022, rail shipments are no longer economic with basis narrowing.