August 10, 2021

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Bakken oil full-cycle costs at West Texas Intermediate (WTI) range from a low of 45.00 USD/Bbl for wells with an Initial Productivity (IP) greater than 1000 Bbl/d to a high of 215.00 USD/bbl for wells with an IP of under 200 Bbl/d.

Operating costs range from 8.90-11.40 USD/bbl  while royalties & taxes and overhead represent about 1700 USD/bbl. F&D costs range from 9.00-110.00 USD/bbl and the 15% producer return ranges from 5.50-70.00 USD/bbl. The WTI differential is 5.75 USD/bbl.

Full-Cycle Cost Curve

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This chart shows the Bakken oil full-cycle cost curve at West Texas Intermediate (WTI).  Incorrys analysis shows that there is 11 B Bbl (billions of barrels) of oil resource available at below 50 USD/Bbl and an additional 9 B Bbl at 70 USD/Bbl.