August 8, 2023

Total worldwide wind generation increases from 2150 TWh in 2022 to possibly 5500 TWh in 2030.  This is about 20% lower than previously forecast due to expected delays in some projects, mainly in Europe.

Incorrys does not expect many delays in China and expects them to meet their targets of 2500 TWh in 2030 while the US is forecast to reach 1000 TWh. Europe will not reach its targets and generation is expected to be about 650 TWh.

China will maintain its global dominance with a market share of 45%. The US will account for about 16% while Europe will represent about 12%.

Many other countries will increase generation and will become much more visible post 2030.

The next years will be challenging for Europe (and the US) as their current net-zero plans are slow in being realized and their dependence on China.