June 14, 2021

This chart shows North American Power Generation to 2030 by fuel type. The main drivers for the  power generation forecast are:

Coal-fired generation has lost market share over the last decade, accounting for just 21% in 2020 from 47% in 2010. This trend is expected to continue with market share eroding to 12% in 2030.

Renewables (Wind and Solar) are expected to grow strongly at 5.5%/year over the next decade.

Natural gas-fired generation is expected to grow 3.2%/year, requiring an additional 10 Bcf/d by 2030.

Ageing Nuclear capacity coming offline will result in output declining 0.4%/year over the next decade.

By 2030, Incorrys expects a 42% drop in overall CO2 emissions from 2005 levels.