January 12, 2024

Global generation from hydropower is expected to decline by almost 2% (80 TWh) in 2023 primarily due to drought conditions in China, the largest hydropower producer.
Incorrys expects that post 2023, under normal weather conditions, the global trend will return to positive, albeit at a modest 2% annually through 2030. Generation increases from about 4250 TWh in 2023 to 4650 TWh over that period.

China alone accounts for about 30% of global hydro generation followed by Brazil at 9% and the US at 6%. All the largest hydro producing countries, except China and India, are expected to remain relatively flat over the forecast period. Both China and India see increases in hydro generation at 3% and 15% respectively. The rest of the world shows strong growth (30% from 2022-2030) led by Laos, Pakistan, Ethiopia and others.