January 12, 2024

Hydropower generating capacity has grown steadily since 2013 at an average annual rate of just under 2.5%; from 1150 GW to 1400 GW. Renewable hydro (including mixed plants; run-of-river, storage hydro, and small amount of offshore hydro) grew from 1000 GW to 1250 GW, just over 2%/year. Pure pumped storage, where water is pumped between upper and lower reservoirs providing peak-load supply, increased from 100 GW to 140 GW, a rate of 2.7% annually although the growth rate has accelerated over the past 2 years at over 6%/year. represents 10% of total capacity.

China accounted for about 30% of global 2022 hydropower generating capacity at over 400 GW. Following a distant second and third are Brazil and the US at 8% (110 GW) and 7% respectively (105 GW). Canada ranks fourth largest representing about 6% of the global total at just over 80 GW.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (Copyright © IRENA 2023)