January 12, 2024

Global hydroelectricity power generation has only increased 14% over the past 10 years (1.5% annual growth rate) from about 3800 TWh to over 4300 TWh in 2022. Considerably slower growth than other renewables like solar and wind. Hydropower remains the single largest renewable source of electricity, generating more than all other renewable technologies combined.

China, by far, is the largest generator of hydropower in the world accounting for almost 1/3 of the total; Brazil ranks second at 10%. These two countries have also dominated recent growth in hydro capacity additions. Canada ranks 3rd in the world at 9% followed closely by the US at 7%. Both Brazil and Canada boast capacity factors of almost 60% (2020) from hydro generation (56% and 59% respectively). Considerably higher than the US and Russia with capacity factors of just over 40% and China at just 37%