Global Coal Power Generation Capacity 2005-2022

Global coal generating capacity grew 60% from 1300 GW in 2005 to 2100 GW in 2018. The pace of growth has slowed considerably since then increasing just 150 GW to 2246 GW in 2022. Currently, about 1/3 of operating global coal capacity has a defined phase out date and 2/3 is subject to carbon neutrality targets.  As western industrial countries reduce, China and India increase capacity. In the last 20 years, China prioritized the development of coal-fired generation capacity and reached 1115 GW in 2022. This has powered the country’s economic growth and limited its dependence on energy imports. Since 2010, however, China has also diversified its power mix, installing 160 GW of hydro capacity, 46 GW of nuclear, 360 GW of solar PV and 360 GW of wind, making it the largest developer of renewable energy capacity worldwide. In total China’s capacity grew in period 2005-2022 3 times (from 370 till 1115 GW). However, the speed of growth was declined after Y2018.

China accounted for half of the total global coal generation capacity in 2022 Between 2005 and December 2022, the capacity of the U.S. coal-fired fleet experienced a notable decline, decreasing from 321 GW to 219 GW. This drop was primarily driven by retirements that surpassed earlier estimates and announcements. US has 10% share India with 9% share, ranking as the third significant player in the market, saw its capacity grow by over threefold during the same period, escalating from 69 GW to 219 GW. The Russia-Ukraine conflict and resulting energy crisis has forced some countries to increase their reliance on coal, including some European countries, but also China and India which reduced LNG imports due to competition with Europe for cargoes – and resultant price spikes for LNG.

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