April 29, 2024

Median temperature anomaly from the 30 year average temperature (1961-1990) from 1850-2022. The red line represents the average annual temperature trend through time, with upper and lower confidence intervals shown in greys.

Based on the median temperature anomaly from the 30-year average (1961-1990), global temperatures have been increasing since the mid-1800s with the greatest increases occurring since in the mid 1980s.

The last eight years have included all eight of the warmest years observed in the instrumental record. Nominally, 2022 was on of the warmest year since 1850.

The average temperature over the past eight years is 0.85oC higher than the 30-year average (1961-1990).

The global mean temperature in 2022 was slightly warmer than 2021 and similar to 2015.


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